Breaking: Pitt Has A Class On Vampires (Also Something About Three Starters Being Charged With Assault)

The AP more often than not still uses a time-tested format called the inverted pyramid, in which the most basic and crucial facts are placed at the top, with increasingly peripheral details as you read down. The idealist says it's so readers get the important stuff early, even if they don't read to the end of the… »11/02/12 10:17am11/02/12 10:17am


Did ESPN Bone The Big East Because They Wouldn't Sign A TV Deal?

Boston College AD Gene DeFilippo, who was part of the ACC's expansion committee that lured Pitt and Syracuse away from the Big East, says something that shouldn't be a big shocker: realignment is about money. But to see it put so blatantly, and to see the four-letter network invoked so unapologetically, well, this is… »10/10/11 2:55pm10/10/11 2:55pm