Dear Jagoffs, Pittsburgh Officially Has the Ugliest Accent in America

After weeks of close contests and national debate, the fraught competition to decide America's ugliest accent has finally come to a dramatic close. And the winner is that moonlit, magical city—the Paris of Allegheny County, the Venice of the Ohio Valley—Pittsburgh, City of Jagoffs. »10/20/14 4:11pm10/20/14 4:11pm


Map: Which Parts Of The Country Were Calling Ray Lewis A Murderer During The Super Bowl?

The map above shows the concentration of geolocated tweets sent during the Super Bowl that contained both the words "Lewis" and "murder." We were looking for references to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who in 2000 was charged with murder in the stabbing deaths of two men after an Atlanta Super Bowl party (he… »2/07/13 10:30am2/07/13 10:30am

Andrew McCutchen Gets Hit By A 101 M.P.H. Fastball, Shows Us What A Badass He Is

We've previously alerted you to the greatness of Andrew McCutchen, and last night he made us swoon once again. Even though his team lost 3-0 in the opening game of a series against the Cincinnati Reds, McCutchen gave us the highlight of the game when he took an Aroldis Chapman fireball square on the arm, and then… »8/04/12 4:45pm8/04/12 4:45pm

Phillies Backup Catcher Has Contemplative Moment Facedown On Pittsburgh Bar

Journeyman catcher Dane Sardinha was seen decompressing like a champion at August Henry's early Sunday morning, which is typical behavior after anyone is forced to backstop a Kyle Kendrick emergency start. Even though Sardinha went hitless in the Phillies loss to the Pirates, he probably made solid wood contact later… »6/06/11 10:45am6/06/11 10:45am

Here's The Crazy Ending To Butler-Pitt, Featuring Two Of The Stupidest Fouls In March Madness History

Butler somehow escaped this one, 71-70, and will advance to the Sweet 16, while Pitt became the first one seed to get knocked out of this year's tournament in the worst way imaginable. Tim Brando and Mike Gminski declared that they'd never seen "an ending like this" before Gilbert Brown missed his second free throw,… »3/19/11 10:00pm3/19/11 10:00pm