Mike Shanahan Filed A Police Report Over Cash Stolen From The Locker Room In Pittsburgh, Later Found It

During the Redskins' Week 8 game in Pittsburgh, Mike Shanahan left his unlocked briefcase in an open locker. Not the smartest move, but one assumes the visitors' locker room is inviolable. After the game, an ugly whipping, Shanahan checked his stuff—and found $3,700 in cash and his passport missing. What Mike Shanahan… »11/14/12 10:00am11/14/12 10:00am


The Pittsburgh Paper's Solution For Shut Out Super Bowl Fans Is One Big Conflict Of Interest

Yesterday, an unsigned editorial ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, decrying the NFL's offer of compensation to those fans whose Super Bowl seats were unavailable, and demanding that the league pay them as much as $50,000 each. The editorial failed to mention that one of the people affected by the blunder, and would… »2/09/11 11:05am2/09/11 11:05am