P.K. Subban Goes Undercover As Karl The Security Guard To Surprise Kids

Take five minutes to watch this video of a disguised P.K. Subban surprising some local kids with Habs gear, a day on the ice at the Canadiens' practice rink, and, eventually, himself. If you must, skip to 3:20 for the big reveal—and his refusal to go easy on the young skaters. » 12/24/14 12:03pm 12/24/14 12:03pm

P.K. Subban Has A Really Good Chris Pronger Story

Sports Illustrated has finally put online last month's cover story on Montreal defenseman P.K. Subban, written by Michael Farber. If you're a hockey fan, you'll want to read it. And if not, read it anyway—Subban is one of the best, most exciting, and most marketable young players hockey has to offer, and if the NHL… » 12/03/14 5:38pm 12/03/14 5:38pm

P.K. Subban, Tactical Farter

The Canadiens defenseman sat down for an interview on Quebec radio talk show Tout le Monde en Parle, and presumably said a whole bunch of interesting things. But forget that—here's what he said about farting on goalies: » 10/06/14 12:12pm 10/06/14 12:12pm

Come Correct To P.K. Subban About His Corsi Or Don't Come At All

The NHL is holding its annual player tour, in which it drags many of its top stars to New York for days of interviews and appearances. ESPN's Craig Custance took advantage of the opportunity (Insider link) to ask players what they thought of their own unconventional analytics, aka fancystats. » 9/10/14 3:54pm 9/10/14 3:54pm

P.K. Subban And The Habs Head To Arbitration

There's something farcical about arbitration hearings, which, when you get down to it, feature a team's executives arguing in front of a player that he isn't very good. It's happening to the best defenseman in NHL as we speak. » 8/01/14 10:31am 8/01/14 10:31am

Mic'd Up Patrice Bergeron Is A Must For Hockey Fans

Every hockey player should wear a microphone at all times. These wonderful exchanges—between P.K. Subban and Patrice Bergeron, and between Bergeron and referee Dan O'Halloran—show how your penalty (or no-call) sausage is made. » 5/27/14 5:35pm 5/27/14 5:35pm

Boston Hockey Twitter: Not As Racist As Made Out To Be

After Montreal's P.K. Subban scored to beat Boston in game one of their series, there were two inescapable talking points: That the word "nigger" was trending in Boston (this was quickly debunked) and there had been 17,000 tweets containing the slur and Subban's name. Would it change your impression if you found out… » 5/23/14 1:42pm 5/23/14 1:42pm

Shawn Thornton Fined For Spraying P.K. Subban With Water During Game

When Corey Perry filled Jeff Carter's glove with water during a break last week, it was cute. Shawn Thornton's spraying of Montreal's P.K. Subban last night was more dickish than cheeky, and he paid for it. » 5/11/14 11:50am 5/11/14 11:50am

Bruins Unimpressed By Carey Price's 48-Save Night

Normally, if you allow Boston to score three goals, you're not going to win. They feature the single best defensive forward, blueliner, and netminder in the league, with everyone else taking their cues from a style designed to strangle and frustrate. That style worked just as it was supposed to last night, the Bruins… » 5/02/14 9:17am 5/02/14 9:17am

A Confusing NHL Racial Controversy Gets Muddier, As Banana Reference…

We thought this one was going to be cut-and-dried. We thought Krys Barch said something hateful and racist and unacceptable to P.K. Subban, and the NHL would come down with all its disciplinary might to show that there's no place for racism in hockey, and then we'd all move on. Naturally, nothing's that easy. » 1/05/12 3:10pm 1/05/12 3:10pm

Chicago's Marty Turco Uses Bench Time To Place Bets With Fans, Write…

Marty Turco signed a one-year contract with Chicago last summer and expected to start in net for the Blackhawks. But for much of the season, he's served as Corey Crawford's back-up and has gotten well-acquainted with the pine. He hasn't started a game since Feb. 11. So Turco's now looking for new sources of… » 4/06/11 12:15pm 4/06/11 12:15pm

Darren Pang Isn't Racist, But His Tongue Nearly Was For A Second

Talking about the Montreal Canadiens' benching of defenseman P.K. Subban, TSN's Darren Pang "suggested that the flamboyant Subban might try to emulate St. Louis's Alex Pietrangelo and do things on and off the ice 'the white way.'" » 12/11/10 8:30pm 12/11/10 8:30pm

Yup, That's Some Blackface At A Hockey Game

Got a highly touted prospect in the minors, and you want to show the world you're a fan? You could wear his jersey. Or, if you're in Quebec, you could break out the shoe polish and afro wigs. » 3/12/10 3:50pm 3/12/10 3:50pm