Nenad Krstic Was Arrested For Throwing That Chair

Following yesterday's basketbrawl at the Acropolis Tournament, Athens police arrested Nenad Krstic for his role in the fight since his chair hit Yannis Bouroussis, leaving Bouroussis with a "bloody wound on the side of his head." Plate-breakingly bizarre updates inside. » 8/20/10 3:05pm 8/20/10 3:05pm

Bud Selig Speaks On Imperfect Game, Says Nothing

No overturning Jim Joyce's call, and no perfect game for Galarraga. But there's this: "Given last night's call and other recent events, I will examine our umpiring system, the expanded use of instant replay and all other related features." [MLB] » 6/03/10 3:15pm 6/03/10 3:15pm