Report: 11 Of 12 Patriots-Supplied Footballs Were Underinflated

There has been two days worth of smoke surrounding Ballghazi, and now it looks like there might actually be a fire. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the NFL's investigation into whether the Patriots deflated footballs during Sunday's AFC Championship Game has found that 11 out of the 12 balls they supplied were… » 1/20/15 11:30pm 1/20/15 11:30pm

Doug Baldwin Is Probably Still Looking For Doubters To Call Out 

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin made a brief and profane cameo in the madness immediately following Jermaine Kearse's game-winning touchdown catch, but that was just the start of his postgame highlight reel. From there, he went on to call out the NFL Network's Deion Sanders for being a punk-ass hater, and then… » 1/19/15 9:32am 1/19/15 9:32am

Giants Ride Their First Big Inning of the NLCS To Extra-Innings Win

The Giants offense has struggled lately. In winning Game 1 of the NLCS, they scored three runs on a single, error, and sacrifice fly. In losing Game 2, they scored four runs on a ground out, single, single, and walk. Across the two games they left 19 men on base to the Cardinals 11, unable to turn a steady trickle… » 10/14/14 9:11pm 10/14/14 9:11pm

The Nats Are Gone, But Bryce Harper's Taters Are A Joy Forever

The Washington Nationals were bounced from the postseason last night, but not before Bryce Harper did the thing he's been doing all series and murdered one last baseball into the sky. » 10/08/14 9:51am 10/08/14 9:51am

Cardinals Fans Get Ugly In Clash With Ferguson Protesters

This guy right here, the one with "I am Darren Wilson" taped onto the back of his Cardinals jersey—an homage to the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot an unarmed teenager named Mike Brown to death in August—was at the Cardinals game last night. He, along with many other Cardinals fans, clashed with a small group… » 10/07/14 10:04am 10/07/14 10:04am

Lorenzo Cain Is Your Newest Playoff Star

If the Kansas City Royals' sweep of the Anaheim Angels left us with one lasting image, it will probably be that of Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain just about losing his damn mind after making his second straight spectacular catch in the top of the fifth inning of last night's series-clinching win. » 10/06/14 10:14am 10/06/14 10:14am

This Josh Hamilton At-Bat Was The Saddest Thing

OK, so I knew that Josh Hamilton wasn't exactly a star anymore—a quick glance at his Baseball Reference page tells me that—but I didn't realize things had gotten this bad. » 10/03/14 10:13am 10/03/14 10:13am

Fans Of The TV Show Castle Angry At Sports

In the bottom of the eighth inning of the first game of the ALDS series between the Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers, the Orioles offense went gangbusters and sent 14 players to the plate as well as prompting three pitching changes. This took a long time, so the Los Angeles Angels-Kansas City Royals game began on… » 10/02/14 9:23pm 10/02/14 9:23pm

Madison Bumgarner Pitches Gem As Giants Advance In Playoffs

En route to winning the 2010 World Series, San Francisco Giants play-by-play announcer Duane Kuiper coined a slogan to describe the team's penchant for winning tight games: "Giants Baseball...Torture." In 2012 they went down 0–2 in the NLDS and 1–3 in the NLCS before beating Detroit to win their second World Series… » 10/02/14 12:13am 10/02/14 12:13am

Brandon Crawford's Grand Slam Silences Pittsburgh Crowd

Supporting their team to the fullest, Pittsburgh Pirates fans have been very loud the entire NL Wild Card play-in game. So loud that they almost managed to cause a second inning drop in the outfield when Giants Joe Panik and Hunter Pence collided while catching a pop fly. That's what makes this clip of Brandon… » 10/01/14 9:45pm 10/01/14 9:45pm

Royals Defeat A's, Ned Yost In Epic Play-In Game

Sacrifice bunts are rarely the correct call in baseball, so of course Ned Yost's Kansas City Royals laid down four of them in Tuesday night's wild card play-in game against the Oakland A's. Despite Jon Lester displaying uncharacteristic shakiness and the Royals' offense performing uncharacteristically well, Yost… » 10/01/14 1:23am 10/01/14 1:23am

The Royals' First-Ever Online Playoff Ticket Sale Didn't Go So Well

If you think you bought Royals playoff tickets today in anticipation of K.C.'s likely berth, you should probably check again. This sounds ominous: » 9/18/14 6:31pm 9/18/14 6:31pm

Adam Jones Pies Fans While Celebrating AL East Title

The Baltimore Orioles clinched the AL East last night, which is great news, because the Orioles are not the Red Sox or the Yankees. It is also great news because it gave Orioles all-star outfielder Adam Jones a chance to celebrate his team's division title by mashing pies into the faces of Orioles fans. » 9/17/14 10:24am 9/17/14 10:24am

Manu Ginobili Got The Brilliant Finale He Needed

So many of the San Antonio Spurs played perfect games last night that it's impossible to pick out a single performance as the one that sealed the franchise's fifth championship. You could point to Patty Mills raining threes, Kawhi Leonard's stunning two-way dominance, or even Tim Duncan's steady hand in the post. But… » 6/16/14 10:36am 6/16/14 10:36am

Even The Chicago Bulls' Security Staff Is Sick Of Joey Crawford's Shit

The Chicago Bulls have set up a kind of text-message hotline that fans can use to hail the assistance of the arena's security team. Reader Dave was at the game between the Bulls and the Wizards last night, and he tried his luck at getting referee Joey Crawford—who made a number of bad calls and whom everyone hates » 4/23/14 3:07pm 4/23/14 3:07pm

Nathan MacKinnon Can't Be Stopped Right Now

We were impressed by Avalanche sensation Nathan MacKinnon's stellar play in his first playoff game, so of course, the 18-year-old followed up his postseason debut with a better game, including his first career playoff goal. » 4/20/14 11:08am 4/20/14 11:08am

Get Pumped For The NHL Playoffs With The Hockey Night In Canada Opening

Canadiens-Lightning and Blue Jackets-Penguins are already underway, but you can get hyped up for the entire NHL playoffs with tonight's Hockey Night In Canada opening. Just try not to run into a brick wall after watching it. » 4/16/14 8:35pm 4/16/14 8:35pm

Charles Barkley: Patriots Fans Don't Appreciate Their Team

Charles Barkley was hanging around the Patriots locker room after their win last night—apparently he's friends with owner Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick?—so the assorted media got him to answer some football questions. His assessment of New England's fans and media? They're spoiled. » 1/12/14 2:20pm 1/12/14 2:20pm

Pennsylvania Man Filed Motion Against NFL To Put Steelers In Playoffs

Daniel Spuck felt that his Pittsburgh Steelers were screwed out of a playoff spot after officials overseeing the Chiefs-Chargers game didn't call a penalty that would have handed San Diego the likely loss, thereby giving the Steelers the final AFC postseason berth. Spuck took this bold stance against Roger Goodell… » 1/09/14 8:15pm 1/09/14 8:15pm