"NBC = National Broadcasters For Communism," According To Pro-American Internet Commenters

During yesterday's U.S. Open broadcast, NBC presented two readings of the pledge of allegiance — the first omitted the phrases "under God" and "indivisible," and the second also left out "one nation." Yahoo's Devil Ball (!) golf blog dutifully posted the story yesterday afternoon. Here's what the commenters had to say… » 6/20/11 4:45pm 6/20/11 4:45pm

NBC Apologizes For Not Baiting Commies Or Something

NBC ran a pretaped segment before the final round at Congressional yesterday in which some soldiers saluted and a bunch of kids recited the pledge and a handful of monuments hulked above the D.C. skyline in a way that suggested that someone in the editing room knows his Leni Riefenstahl. The whole thing was so… » 6/20/11 4:37pm 6/20/11 4:37pm