The 24 Most Amazing YouTube Videos of 1955 (or Any Year)

On Tuesday, former U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Charles Simic wrote on the New York Review of Books' web site about the pleasures of reliving his youthful experiences through the music and movies he could find on YouTube. When Gawker editor John Cook wrote to compliment him on the piece, Simic… »12/31/13 12:46pm12/31/13 12:46pm


Rec League Softball Player Writes Inspirational Poem For His Team

Here's a rec league email that is a departure from the overwrought screeds we are accustomed to receiving. This softball player decided to send his teammates a motivational email the morning after a tough loss, but instead of chiding them for their lack of hustle or giving a strategic dissertation, he went ahead and… »7/03/13 12:30pm7/03/13 12:30pm

We Had A Seventh-Grade English Teacher Grade Rick Reilly's Poem

Remember last week, when Rick Reilly tried to pass off this stupid poem as a sports column? Since he's an adult who gets paid an exorbitant amount of money to write about sports, Reilly was rightly lambasted by most everyone who saw his poem. But we wanted to give Reilly's poetic skills a chance to stand on their own… »5/21/13 2:42pm5/21/13 2:42pm

This Kid's Poem About Nate Robinson Is Actually Kind of Beautiful

So this is kind of amazing. The poem, 'Kryptonite,' was written by student Jason Nordbrock about Nate Robinson, and is now making its rounds online. Admittedly, we thought he could've chosen another player more deserving of his affection, but the poem itself is a joy to behold. It starts slowly, but picks up at the… »3/31/13 3:31pm3/31/13 3:31pm

When Vin Scully Starts Quoting Dylan Thomas, You Pay Attention

We can all agree Vin Scully is a national treasure, but if anyone dares to question that status, you just have them consider who else would be classy and confident enough to start throwing out Dylan Thomas lines in the more dramatic moments of a Giants-Dodgers NL West showdown with playoff implications on the line.… »10/03/12 10:15am10/03/12 10:15am

Justin Timberlake Opened The Ryder Cup By Reading A Shitty Poem About Golf

Justin Timberlake is serving as a Team USA "Ambassador" for this year's Ryder Cup at Medinah, a job title apparently created especially for the pop singer, actor and golf lover. Timberlake's appearance at today's opening ceremony was preceded by an introduction by Olympian Michael Phelps and accompanied by the… »9/27/12 6:10pm9/27/12 6:10pm

Incoming Arkansas Freshman Writes "Sonnet" On What It Means To Be A Razorback

Vin Ascolese is a linebacker recruited from North Jersey, the heartland of American poetry. The All-American hasn't played a snap for Arkansas, but he's all about the Arkansas spirit already. Ascolese recently posted a "sonnet" to his Twitter account, and god damn it is inspiring. (It's also not a sonnet.) »6/13/12 1:15pm6/13/12 1:15pm

Close Reading: Did Grantland Rice Misquote Grantland Rice's Most Famous Quote?

Not long ago, the staff of ESPN's Grantland objected to a letter published by our Grantland Comments and Corrections Desk, which argued that the site's slogan misquoted Grantland Rice. After extensive research, Deadspin has concluded that Grantland's version of the slogan is valid. The irregularity is the result of… »7/18/11 12:49pm7/18/11 12:49pm