The 24 Most Amazing YouTube Videos of 1955 (or Any Year)

On Tuesday, former U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Charles Simic wrote on the New York Review of Books' web site about the pleasures of reliving his youthful experiences through the music and movies he could find on YouTube. When Gawker editor John Cook wrote to compliment him on the piece, Simic… »12/19/13 11:55am

Justin Timberlake Opened The Ryder Cup By Reading A Shitty Poem About Golf

Justin Timberlake is serving as a Team USA "Ambassador" for this year's Ryder Cup at Medinah, a job title apparently created especially for the pop singer, actor and golf lover. Timberlake's appearance at today's opening ceremony was preceded by an introduction by Olympian Michael Phelps and accompanied by the… »9/27/12 6:10pm

Close Reading: Did Grantland Rice Misquote Grantland Rice's Most Famous Quote?

Not long ago, the staff of ESPN's Grantland objected to a letter published by our Grantland Comments and Corrections Desk, which argued that the site's slogan misquoted Grantland Rice. After extensive research, Deadspin has concluded that Grantland's version of the slogan is valid. The irregularity is the result of… »7/18/11 12:49pm