This 90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter Is Much Better Than You

The BBC spent some time in Jonesboro, Ark., where 1984 Olympian and USATF hall of famer Earl Bell runs the training program that produced two-thirds of America's pole vaulters in London. Another familiar face around the facility is Earl's father William, who just turned 90, and can still soar with the best of them. » 8/01/12 6:45pm 8/01/12 6:45pm

This Is Video Of A Pole Vault Competition At The Drake Relays, Which Is Held In A Shopping Mall

And they've been doing it every year but one since 2008. As silly as it looks to see a world-class event taking place as some teenage girl exits The Limited before she makes a stop at Old Navy and heads over to the food court, there's actually something to be said for this. » 4/26/12 7:25pm 4/26/12 7:25pm