Vote In The Only College Football Poll That Matters—The Deadspin 25

Preseason polls are inherently stupid. But instead of wasting our time arguing with the power-mad beat writers of America, Deadspin proposes that it’s time for the right to determine college football’s best teams—or perhaps just its most interesting—to be taken away from the idiot writers and given to you, the idiot… »8/04/15 10:32am8/04/15 10:32am


Poll: Would You Have Sex With This Talking Sex Robot?

Sex is better when both people are having a good time, even when one of those people is a robot. So the next logical step there is that someone is building a sentient sex robot. Okay! It’s the future, and you’re now faced with a question: Would you do it with this hot bot? There are many possible answers, but only one… »6/12/15 1:30pm6/12/15 1:30pm

That ESPN Poll Claiming MLS Is As Popular With Kids As MLB Is Bullshit

The other day, ESPN published a story, citing data from the ESPN Sports Poll Annual Report, claiming that Major League Soccer now "equals MLB in popularity with kids." The story was quickly picked up by MLS, CBS, The Big Lead, the Orlando Sentinel, the Seattle Times, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, brandished as… »3/10/14 1:52pm3/10/14 1:52pm

So, How's The NFL Spinning A New Poll On Youth Football And Concussions?

NFL communications is PR, and Brian McCarthy is a PR guy, so we shouldn't and don't expect them to share anything that isn't overwhelmingly positive for the league. Take this post McCarthy just tweeted out, which "summarizes" the results of a new HBO Real Sports/Marist poll on public opinion of youth football in the… »10/23/13 4:52pm10/23/13 4:52pm

Redskins Survey Fans On Team Name, Favorite Marketing Buzzwords

The Redskins appear poised to be competitive for the first time in a long while. But aside from the obvious (PUT RG3 EVERYWHERE), rebranding a franchise is a long and complicated process. Frank Luntz focus groups and fake Indian chiefs were just the beginning. Now the team is polling fans, and some of the questions… »7/10/13 11:30am7/10/13 11:30am

“Are You A Nerd?” And Other Questions We Asked Our Fellow Nerds At The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Last weekend, I went to the sixth annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Attendance has gone up every year, and it gets harder and harder to get a feel for who actually goes to this thing: Why were they there? Were they still all sabermetrics geeks? High-powered businessmen? To find out, I did some analysis of… »3/08/13 5:05pm3/08/13 5:05pm

According To Exit Polls, Nobody Will Make The Baseball Hall Of Fame

The results of 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame voting will be announced on Wednesday, and this year represents a unique ballot. Steroid users, suspected steroid users, a cocaine user, a catcher, Jack Morris. Want a preview? Baseball Think Factory has compiled the votes from every writer that made their vote public… »1/03/13 10:10am1/03/13 10:10am

Arkansas's Drop Out Of The Top 25 Is Second Only To Michigan's After The Appalachian State Debacle

Remember about 17 hours ago, when the Arkansas Razorbacks lost to 30-point underdog Louisiana-Monroe in Little Rock? SEC teams that lose to Sun Belt teams can expect to take a dip in the rankings, but this one is especially dramatic: Arkansas fell from eighth to nowhere in this week's version of the AP Poll. Not since… »9/09/12 4:35pm9/09/12 4:35pm

Let's Not Forget That Alabama Also Added Five Iffy National Championships

Texas A&M is (deservedly) taking a lot of shit for deciding over the summer to add two very questionable national titles to their history. But they're far from the only school to count championships awarded by obscure polls or retroactively applied formulas. Why, their new conference-mate Alabama is one of the worst… »9/07/12 4:35pm9/07/12 4:35pm

Texas A&M Picked Up Two National Championships, Two Conference Titles Over The Summer

You're looking at two photos of Texas A&M's Kyle Field, both via Rant Sports. The top was taken last season, the bottom snapped just this week. Pretend this is one of those "spot the differences" bar games, and see if you can tell what's new. Yep, the Aggies' history managed to get a lot more storied over the… »9/07/12 1:25pm9/07/12 1:25pm