Ex-NFLer Will Allen Indicted For Role In Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Former NFL cornerback Will Allen—not to be confused with Steelers safety Will Allen—has been indicted in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts for his role in an alleged Ponzi scheme, which prosecutors say he ran with a woman named Susan Daub. Allen and Daub each face 23 felony counts including… »7/14/15 4:16pm7/14/15 4:16pm


Records: Will Allen Tried To Dodge Being Served In Ponzi Scheme Case

The Securities and Exchange Commission* has accused former NFL cornerback Will Allen and a partner of running an approximately $31 million Ponzi scheme that lured in athletes from all four major American sports leagues. And as part of what will probably be an ongoing legal process, Allen and Susan Daub had to be… »4/07/15 6:13pm4/07/15 6:13pm

The Citi Field Amway Store Has A Juice Bar That Doesn't Sell Juice

Lost in all of the hullabaloo about the New York Mets' tone deaf decision to lease a Citi Field storefront to Amway was any kind of explanation regarding what exactly is inside of an Amway store. What use does a company that makes its profits via the Sisyphean efforts of Independent Business Owners have for a retail… »3/08/13 11:55am3/08/13 11:55am

The New York Mets' Latest Partnership Is With A Company That Specializes In Pyramid Schemes

The Mets continue to be the deadbeat, alcoholic uncle of the MLB family. The organization's latest source of embarrassment comes as the result of an under-the-radar decision to lease out a Citi Field storefront to Amway, the notoriously shady "multilevel marketing" company that makes its money by ensnaring people in… »2/25/13 6:15pm2/25/13 6:15pm

A University Of Houston Foundation Is Embroiled In An Alleged Ponzi Scheme

The TicketCity Bowl is shaping up to be a who's who of scandalized universities. Penn State obviously is still most disgraced, but after losing over 40 percent of its assets in a potential ponzi scheme, a foundation that endows athletic scholarships for the Univeristy of Houston is at least putting forth an effort. »12/18/11 5:00pm12/18/11 5:00pm

Mets Ask For $50 Million More In Loans, Tell Mom They're Doing Fine, Just Need Some Money To Join A Gym

On Friday, we learned that the Mets had received $25 million in funding from Bud Selig's secret piggybank, on top of $75 million they'd already borrowed from Major League Baseball. Surely this meant the Wilpon family would finally have to explore selling the team. Or at the very least turn themselves into a sort of… »3/01/11 7:40pm3/01/11 7:40pm

Mets Owners Max Out MLB's Credit Line, Start Putting Stuff On Their Mom's Neiman Marcus Card

It's official, everybody: the Mets are broke. Wait, you knew that already. But now they're officially really, really broke. They're so broke, they just put all their CDs and VHS tapes up for auction. Where else will you find Jungle 2 Jungle and its soundtrack in one place, both lightly used? Well, Bud Selig must… »2/25/11 7:05pm2/25/11 7:05pm