Indiana Highway Shut Down By Big Ol' Pile Of Frozen Doo-Doo

The terrible weather experienced recently across Real America has many commuters decrying the state of their streets. Only Hoosiers, though, can accurately claim to have dealt with truly shitty roads. That's because yesterday, one tanker accidentally dumped around 300 to 400 gallons of raw sewage on I-65. » 2/20/15 2:24pm 2/20/15 2:24pm

The Time A Dog Pooped In The Middle Of An Agility Contest

This video is from 2012 at Crufts, the world's largest dog show, and shows Libby the mixed breed attempting to complete an obstacle course. She does not. Just ahead of the weave poles, Libby pops a squat. » 2/18/15 10:13am 2/18/15 10:13am

An Exceedingly Polite Beginner's Guide To Anal Sex

Anal play, as you likely well know by now, is having its moment. Hell, even Vogue is writing about it, and Harvard is, like, teaching classes about the basics of butt-banging. But we can't all go to Harvard (and thank God for that), which means that the 101-type stuff that a lot of curious folks might benefit from… » 2/09/15 4:17pm 2/09/15 4:17pm

Brooklyn Man Takes Big Ol' Dump Outside Supermarket

I'm gonna go ahead and warn you right now that this video shows a man pooping in public. And it's not subtle or anything. You don't have to go searching the frame for the moment the poop arrives. But I tell you: It's the best goddamn poop video I've ever seen. By a grand measure. I don't regret watching this man… » 2/04/15 11:16am 2/04/15 11:16am

Why Nationwide Loves Its Dead-Kid Ad

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering Gronk, warring with Canada, caveman masturbation, and more. » 2/03/15 3:17pm 2/03/15 3:17pm

NBC Director Cut Away From Ball-Pooping Celebration To Protect Us

On Sunday, Doug Baldwin celebrated his touchdown to put the Seahawks up 24-14 by pooping the football. (Seattle never scored again. Curse of the poopball? Hmmmm.) Only, the dozens of millions of people watching at home never saw it, because NBC abruptly cut away. » 2/03/15 1:50pm 2/03/15 1:50pm

Time For Your Worst-Ever Poop Stories

Oh God, the Super Bowl bye week. I feel as if all the blood has been drained from my body. No playoff games. No picked up flags. No de-juiced balls. No endless replays. I barely know what to do with myself, apart from avoiding the Pro Bowl. » 1/22/15 2:25pm 1/22/15 2:25pm

Is Fat Meat?

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering poop, car washes, bread, orgasms, and more. » 11/11/14 3:04pm 11/11/14 3:04pm

Don't Call Anyone On The Phone, Except For The Following Reasons

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering leaked nudes, urinals, asshole kids, and more. » 9/02/14 2:35pm 9/02/14 2:35pm

18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Poop

The simple act of pooping is one of the most universal experiences on the planet. Let's celebrate our similarities with 18 bits of fascinating, little-known facts about feces! » 8/13/14 4:39pm 8/13/14 4:39pm

​Why Is There Poop on My Thong? An Investigation

If you are a woman who wears a thong, perhaps you have encountered a moment wherein upon removal of said thong, there is something which appears to be poop-like on the string. You know how to wipe; hygiene is a priority to you. This is no doubt poop-plexing. What is causing this scourge? And how to avoid it? » 8/07/14 2:00pm 8/07/14 2:00pm

What If Baseball's Unwritten Rules Applied To Real Life?

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Drew Magary is on summer vacation with his family, because he's basically John Candy. My name is A.J. Daulerio, substitute funbaggot. Today we're offering pithy, sometimes thoughtful responses about life's rich… » 7/29/14 2:49pm 7/29/14 2:49pm

Would LeBron Still Be In Miami If The Heat Had Won Their Third Title?

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering piss urgency, baklava, coffee, poop, and more. » 7/15/14 1:31pm 7/15/14 1:31pm

ESPN's Darren Rovell Is A Humorless Robot, Part 3,792

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell is best known for being a sensitive penis who lacks a human brain and will believe literally anything. This morning, he once again did his part to solidify that reputation. » 5/15/14 1:40pm 5/15/14 1:40pm

What Does the Shape and Color of My Poop Mean?

Dear Lifehacker,
Like most people, I've pooped a lot in my lifetime. Usually things follow a fairly predictable pattern, but now and then I've seen unusual colors and shapes. I don't feel bad or have any discomfort, but I'm concerned these changes might mean something. How can I figure out when I should be concerned… » 3/04/14 5:48pm 3/04/14 5:48pm

A Treasury Of Your Terrifying Poop Stories For Super Bowl Bye Week

Do You Sit Or Stand To Wipe?

A few years back, we learned a horrible thing: The split between people who stand vs. sit to wipe themselves after using the toilet is about 50/50. We had no freaking idea. » 11/28/13 1:00pm 11/28/13 1:00pm

Levels of Intimacy: When to Burp, Fart & Poop in Front of Your Partner

Recently, we learned via study something we all suspected was true on some level: that the "average woman" waits a good four weeks before allowing a man she fancies to gaze upon her bare, makeup-free face for fear of scarring him with the knowledge that human eyes don't come rimmed in kohl at birth. But this is only… » 10/23/13 5:05pm 10/23/13 5:05pm

Seriously, Poop Pills Just Might Save Your Life (With Poop!)

Ohhhhhh my GOD, I will never ever ever in my life get tired of stories where doctors use poop as medicine. EVER. Because, you see, it's poop (which is stinky stuff that comes out of your butt*), and then doctors (who are very serious science grown-ups) have to touch the poop with doctory gravitas, and then they turn… » 10/04/13 4:42pm 10/04/13 4:42pm