Suit: Dez Bryant Left State Senator's Rental House "Littered With Trash And Feces"

Dez Bryant has spent 2016 rehabbing from his foot injury and moving out of a house he had rented from Royce West, a Texas state senator and Bryant’s former attorney. But according to a lawsuit filed last week by West, Bryant trashed that house and left it in “serious disrepair.” The Dallas Morning News first reported


This Might Be the Reason Why Rio Can't Clean Its Shitty Water for the Olympics

It sounded too good to be true. Thanks to the Olympics, Rio’s trash-ringed, sewage-contaminated Guanabara Bay would transform into a pristine watershed as the premiere venue for rowing and sailing. But the cleanup effort never materialized in earnest, and earlier this year, the city said it would actually take 20 more…

A Shitting Irish Setter, And More Of The Grossest Things You've Seen On Public Transit 

Asking about the grossest thing you guys have ever seen on public transportation may have been a mistake, because I’ve been forced to read many a tale about public defecation and urination, among other bodily fluid-based adventures. If that tickles your fancy, then hang on for our readers’ tales of the most disgusting…