Missy Elliott's Rad New Song "WTF" Is All The Caffeine You Need This Morning

Missy Elliott’s thrilling and frustrating slow-motion comeback continues apace. This year she’s popped up intermittently on the arms of Janet Jackson, the Skrillex/Diplo confluence unwisely known as Jack Ü, and Katy Perry via her Super Bowl extravaganza, where Missy upstaged everyone except maybe Left Shark. But a new… »11/12/15 9:48am11/12/15 9:48am


Grimes Is A Very Awkward Pop Star, Which Makes Art Angels Way More Fun

The truth is that all sorts of weirdos get to be pop stars nowadays, and that should excite you whether you like pop stars or weirdos. Think Lana Del Rey, who has excellent rocket-launcher technique and makes profoundly soporific records that double as fainting couches. Think Fetty Wap, who has one eye and rap-sings… »11/09/15 4:27pm11/09/15 4:27pm

What's The 404? The Digital Trials (And Errors) Of Lily Allen

This is the tale of two very different pop songs called "22." The first, from 2012, is written and performed by one Taylor Swift, America's polarizing sweetheart, taking a break from mocking her ex-boyfriends' social inadequacies to indulge in a giddy, vaguely EDM-scented Girls Night Out pajama jam that nods to the… »5/05/14 9:43am5/05/14 9:43am