Why Is Dennis Rodman At The Vatican? He's Being Paid By A Betting Company, Of Course

When Dennis Rodman flew to Rome on the heels of a Vice-organized trip to North Korea (a week later the DPRK abandoned a 60-year-old ceasefire agreement, so, strong work), we all kind of assumed that this was part of Rodman's new career as a diplomat. The selfless Worm, just working for international relations and… »3/13/13 2:06pm3/13/13 2:06pm

The Pope Should Wipe His Feet Before Entering Yankee Stadium

The Pope turns 81 years old today — 10 years older than John McCain, and just three years older than Julio Franco — and he's celebrating it in Washington, D.C. with President Bush. (What better way?) He will be celebrating mass at the new Nationals Stadium, which means we're going to assume Elijah Dukes won't have… »4/15/08 11:10am4/15/08 11:10am