Riot Cops, Stampeding Shoppers, Stun-Gun Rumors: Must Be Time For Nike To Sell More Shoes

Today Nike released the Galaxy Foamposite One, the limited-edition ugliest version of the ugliest shoes in the 10,000-year history of human footwear. The rippled plastic sides of these shoes have a starry, deep-space screen-saver design printed on them, and the soles glow in the dark, for the sophisticated customer… »2/24/12 2:34pm2/24/12 2:34pm

Homemade Infographic: Is The World Series Famous Enough For Dirk Nowitzki?

Maybe Major League Baseball is preventing Dirk Nozitzki from throwing out the first pitch for the Texas Rangers for some reason other than as a courtesy to NBA owners, an intersport extension of the basketball lockout. Maybe it really is that as they weighed "what makes sense for the team and a good broad-base… »10/19/11 5:58pm10/19/11 5:58pm