Meet the "Shit Queen of Burning Man," Commander of 1,400 Porta-Potties

If you ask most Burning Man attendees what the annual MDMA and enlightenment mecca is about, they'll probably reference one of the Ten Principles laid out a decade ago by cofounder Larry Harvey: "Communal Effort," maybe. "Radical Self-reliance." The vow to "Leave No Trace" in the Nevada desert. »9/03/14 6:06pm9/03/14 6:06pm


The Brewers Aren't Allowing Fans To Bring Their Own Porta-Potties To Games, Because The Free Market Means Nothing Anymore

The Milwaukee Brewers, willing handmaiden to America's racing sausage industry and one of a suspiciously low number of professional baseball purveyors in the state of Wisconsin, have coupled with Waste Management, Inc to violate an essential American freedom: The right to bring your own porta-potty to the ballpark, so… »3/30/13 4:10pm3/30/13 4:10pm