Bayern Munich's 6 Goals Against Porto Today, Ranked

Bayern Munich had their backs against the wall. Down 3-1 to Porto after the first leg and short most of their best players due to injury, rather than folding under the pressure, Bayern kicked the shit out of their opponents 6-1, including a 5-0 lead at halftime. Here are all six goals, ranked by a top-secret… »4/21/15 6:19pm4/21/15 6:19pm

Porto's Nicolás Otamendi Suffered Friendly Fire To The Face In Today's Europa League Match

If the first leg of the Porto-Manchester City Europa League round featured insult, then it figures the return trip to Manchester would feature injury—and this is a nasty one. Porto defender Nicolás Otamendi took a boot to the face in what appears to be a lost cause, as an early (first minute!) Man City goal by… »2/22/12 2:05pm2/22/12 2:05pm