Girl Scout Cookies, or California's Most Notorious Strain of Cannabis

I first heard of Girl Scout Cookies a few years ago, shortly after I got my prescription for cannabis in California. I went into my local dispensary and asked for whatever buds they had that smelled the nicest. "Have you tried Girl Scout Cookies?" the woman behind the counter asked. "It's famous." » 3/06/15 8:18pm 3/06/15 8:18pm

Dutch Beer Sucks. Blame The Weed. 

There is some debate within the Craft Beer Movement™ about every goddamn thing, so it makes sense that the list of contentious issues begins with the very phrase "craft beer." The Brewers Association defines "craft" as ... just kidding, fuck off, who cares. Without spelling it all out, let us just note that the main… » 2/25/15 11:22am 2/25/15 11:22am

Your Bong Is Filthy. Let's Clean It.

Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert and advice columnist. She'll be here every other week helping to answer your filthiest questions. Are you dirty? Check The Squalor Archive for assistance. Are you still dirty? Email her. » 4/18/14 12:49pm 4/18/14 12:49pm

Watch The Pro-Weed Commercial Briefly Shown At A NASCAR Race

Alcohol brands can plaster their logos all over race cars, and gun nuts can sponsor races, but if you pay to show an ad attempting to educate NASCAR fans on the benefits of weed, they'll pull it. » 7/27/13 9:47am 7/27/13 9:47am

Jason Taylor Went On CNN And Said Dumb Shit About Drugs

From time to time, former NFL star Jason Taylor has been known to say thoughtful and inspiring things on camera. This was not one of those times. Last night, Taylor was a guest on CNN's (Get To) The Point—a show about baby boomers attempting to perch themselves precariously yet gracefully on plastic stools—and he… » 4/05/13 10:14am 4/05/13 10:14am

Bong's True Owner Is A Pro Poker Player, Calls It 'My Precious'

The owner of the famed Michael Phelps bong? It's Zachery "Carter" King, 23, who won the 2008 Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event, earning $1.3 million. That buys a lot of weed. » 2/17/09 10:15am 2/17/09 10:15am