We Tried The New Lay's Flavors So You Don't Have To (Please Don't)

In its infinite potato-chip-making and marketing wisdom, the Frito-Lay snack behemoth has sifted through entries in their latest Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest (this year’s theme: “Taste of America”), narrowed it down to four finalists, and encouraged We The People to vote for our fave. Plus, there’s the incentive of… »9/08/15 3:22pm9/08/15 3:22pm


Lay's Cappuccino Potato Chips Are Abominable

The other day, Deadspin's own Albert Burneko thoughtfully suggested we use pork in our New England clam chowder, which of course triggered the tiresome whine-siren of the Regional Food Authenticity Police, who are far more concerned with adhering to the exact chowder ingredients Tom Brady specified in the Mayflower… »8/06/14 3:23pm8/06/14 3:23pm