GM's Hilariously Awkward History Of Failing At Sports Sponsorships

After cringing through GM "spokesman" Rikk Wilde's laughably bad — yet surprisingly endearing — World Series presentation, then watching the company turn it into a great ad campaign, we thought "Ok, maybe they know what they're doing." Closer examination confirms... maybe not. » 2/16/15 3:32pm 2/16/15 3:32pm

Justine Sacco Is Good at Her Job, and How I Came To Peace With Her

The internet is a mountain, and if you climb that mountain, waiting for you at the top will be the person with whom you need to make peace. I climbed my mountain and a woman named Justine Sacco was there. » 12/20/14 10:20am 12/20/14 10:20am

ESPN Spokesman Comments On ESPN Spokesman's No-Comment On ESPN's Big 12…

This morning, the Big 12 Conference officially announced a 13-year media deal shared between ABC/ESPN and Fox. But the news had already been reported earlier, yesterday afternoon, by college football reporter Brett McMurphy. That meant, given ESPN's attempts to keep its programming and editorial departments… » 9/07/12 11:50am 9/07/12 11:50am

Why I Lie: An Athlete's PR Guy Comes Clean

One of the toughest jobs of a publicist is learning how to lie. It's the one thing about my career that keeps me awake at night. I'm not looking for sympathy—I chose this profession. But as some of you know, it can be a dangerous circle, telling lies to keep other lies intact. » 6/18/12 1:55pm 6/18/12 1:55pm

How Women Throw Themselves At Pro Athletes (And Vice Versa): A…

I'm a publicist, and I've worked with high-profile athletes for nearly 15 years. Olympic gold medalists, NFL All-Pros and Super Bowl champions, MLB All-Stars and World Series champions, even an NBA player on a championship team once. I'm not really a nightlife guy, but there are times when I need to accompany clients… » 6/08/12 2:59pm 6/08/12 2:59pm

Nomar Garciaparra Tried To Convince Astronauts The Moon Landing Was…

Go read Doug Bailey's piece in Boston magazine, because any time a media strategist for one of the most media-dysfunctional franchises in sports starts telling tales out of school, it's well worth your time. Especially when Bailey's former employer is reportedly furious about it. » 1/04/12 3:30pm 1/04/12 3:30pm

Okay Easton PR Guy, You Win

Perhaps you've seen "Ultimate Batting Practice" around this week; it's a full fledged viral video now. You'll recognize it by the egregious sodomy of physics, and the prominently-displayed dual Easton logos. It's a "dude" making magic with four pitchback rebounders, and that's all the info that comes with it. » 8/11/11 1:35pm 8/11/11 1:35pm

Deadspin Presents An Interpretive Rendering Of Cal Ripken Jr.'s Young…

We received an email from Cal Ripken Jr.'s publicity team at Random House, which will release his three-CD audiobook, HOTHEAD, next Tuesday. HOTHEAD (the caps are apparently intentional) is about a Babe Ruth League shortstop named Connor Sullivan and is "loosely based on challenges Ripken himself faced as a young… » 3/02/11 4:20pm 3/02/11 4:20pm