Ghost Child: The Strange, Misunderstood World of Delusional Pregnancy

I. Ruby lost her virginity in July of this year, not long after she turned 28. Five days later, she knew, with deep certainty and not a little dread, that she was pregnant. Her nipples grew and darkened, she says; her abdomen tingled. The man she'd slept with refused to see her, and when he finally agreed to meet up,… » 12/10/14 12:10pm 12/10/14 12:10pm

Mila Kunis Is Right: Dudes, Stop Saying 'We're Pregnant'

Pregnancy is a lot of things: A joy, a pain, a blessing, a curse. One thing it's not is simultaneously experienced physically by the dude who knocked you up, or whoever your partner in this crime is. So unless the you is two women who are actually both pregnant simultaneously, do us all a favor and stop saying "We're… » 6/13/14 5:30pm 6/13/14 5:30pm

Cole Hamels Leaves Game When Wife Goes Into Labor

Hamels left with his stick-figure artist wife, Heidi, after she went into labor with their first child. Hamels had given up four runs and seven hits in five innings, laying, as if in sympathy, an enormous Game 2 egg. [ESPN] » 10/08/09 6:00pm 10/08/09 6:00pm

Minor League Promotion Hits For The Menstrual Cycle

We've got a new leader for best baseball promotion of the year. Some of you will be curious; most will be disgusted; a small segment will be a little turned on. It's pregnancy night in Brooklyn! » 7/17/09 12:30am 7/17/09 12:30am