You'll Never Flop Alone: Sad Scenes From The Last Of Liverpool's Season

On Sunday, I watched the deflating end of Liverpool's season from various points along Anfield Road, not far from the team's stadium and headquarters. The result was the culmination of a slow-motion regression to an unhappy mean. Having entered the stretch run looking like a lock to win the Premiership and having… » 5/13/14 2:19pm 5/13/14 2:19pm

Swansea Played The Prettiest Soccer Game Of The Year (And Lost)

From now until the end of the season, we'll be posting a number of clips from the previous weekend's English Premier League games. If there's a goal, save, dive, lip-read profanity, or hocked sputum we should know about, drop us a line at (You might also enjoy our better-late-than-never EPL guide.)
» 4/06/12 2:32pm 4/06/12 2:32pm

Deadspin's Better-Late-Than-Never Guide To The FA Cup

The FA Cup is quite possibly the world's coolest sporting competition. Think Hoosiers, but soccer, in England, with 763 teams. Every accredited soccer team in England—from pub teams (read: beer league) all the way up to the best Premier League clubs—enters the tournament. The small clubs play six rounds of qualifying… » 2/18/12 7:00am 2/18/12 7:00am

Today In The Premiership: Saying Goodbye To Sheffield United

After a day like today, it's hard not to love the relegation/promotion system employed by the international soccer community. The championship's decided, yet this final weekend was still the most exciting one of the season, and now, we'll get to bonus excitement of some stoppage time in the legal system. WooHoo! » 5/13/07 4:00pm 5/13/07 4:00pm