Lawrence Tynes To President Bush: Pardon My Brother, Please

Question: Do you know who Lawrence Tynes is without me having to explain that he's the kicker for the New York Giants? Do you think President Bush knows? He did single out Tynes during the Giants post-Super Bowl White House visit, because it was his overtime field goal against Green Bay that sent the G-Men to the big… »11/26/08 11:45am11/26/08 11:45am


President Bush Would Never Associate With Such Unsavory Characters

The mainland Major League Baseball season kicks off Sunday night, with the Nationals opening their new stadium. President Bush is slated to throw out the first pitch. Usually, he throws it to the home team's starting catcher. Unfortunately for him, this year the home team starting catcher is all over the Mitchell… »3/28/08 4:30pm3/28/08 4:30pm