President Obama: I'd "Think About Changing" Redskins Nickname

President Obama clearly thinks it's time to switch the Washington nickname to something less slur-y and danced around outright saying so in a recent interview with the Associated Press. He didn't say the owner in Washington was an ignominious shit for loudly and proudly announcing his intent to never back down to the… »10/06/13 11:30am10/06/13 11:30am

Tiger Woods And President Obama Play Golf Together, Constitute Nightmare Scenario For Old White Dudes

On the list of Old White Dudes' nightmares, the President of the United States and arguably the best golf player ever both being black, spending too much time on vacation and leisurely playing a round of golf at an exclusive club, betrayed by one of their own, has got to just be the worst, right? »2/17/13 5:45pm2/17/13 5:45pm

"Take That Nigger Off The TV, We Wanna Watch Football!": Idiots Respond To NBC Pre-Empting Sunday Night Football

NBC pre-empted the first quarter of tonight's 49ers-Patriots game to show President Obama's speech at the Newtown memorial for victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. As you might expect, many football fans didn't take kindly to this. (So, too, some Bob's Burgers fans.) Here are those idiots, led by someone who claims to… »12/16/12 12:57am12/16/12 12:57am

Here Are The Highlights Of Chris Berman's Interviews With President Obama And Mitt Romney

Last night's Monday Night Football was no oasis from politics for sports fans, as ESPN repeated its performance from 2008 and had the major candidates for president appear during halftime for a conversation with Chris Berman. Berman, who continues to somehow blackmail Vince Doria into letting him do these things,… »11/06/12 11:17am11/06/12 11:17am