Jay Cutler's Press Conference Was The Chicago Fox Affiliate's Presidential Debate Highlight

It was a busy night last night for WFLD, the Chicago Fox affiliate. Just after the station finished airing Game 7 of the NLCS, there was the Bears game and the presidential debate to go over. But what better debate highlight was there than a live shot of Jay Cutler's press conference? Cutler was really insightful,… »10/23/12 1:55pm10/23/12 1:55pm


Oh, For The Days Of Rape And Murder Questions At Debates

The second Presidential debate is tonight, coinciding, quite helpfully, with the first night off of the baseball postseason. I spend about 45 percent of my workday reading political blogs from all sides of the spectrum, some conservative, some (OK, more) liberal, and absolutely none written by that theoretical and… »10/07/08 12:30pm10/07/08 12:30pm