NBA Draft Predictions: Trying To Piss In The Dark While Handcuffed

As previously mentioned, the NBA Draft is tonight. This, of course, is a completely random exercise with 30 different variables liable to change their minds for no particular reason at any given moment. But sportswriters get bored, so we present the Deadspin guide to mock drafts by people who don't have any better… » 6/28/05 1:25pm 6/28/05 1:25pm

Mitch Albom "Cleared" By Bosses; Free To Whore Himself Out Again

The Detroit Free-Press has completed its "investigation" of Mitch Albom, making sure he's not making any more crap up, and for now, their resolution appears to be: Hey, Mitch, keep writing books! We need the publicity. An "exhaustive" report in Monday's Free-Press analyzes Albom's methods and past stories, revealing… » 5/16/05 12:48pm 5/16/05 12:48pm