College Party Girls Are Too Busy Slutting It Up to Need Your Pity

When college women are free to do what they want, some of them are going to want to behave like college jackasses. They're going to drink, swear, hook up sloppily and indiscriminately, barf in the streets, and generally act like boorish male characters in straight-to-DVD sex comedies. Oh, and one more thing: despite… » 8/01/13 4:50pm 8/01/13 4:50pm

Apply Within To Become The Next Head Coach Of Princeton Men's Basketball

Sydney Johnson, who coached Princeton to victory over Harvard in the game of the century, and then hung tight with Kentucky in the first round of March Madness, took the head coach job at Fairfield University today. You may see the irony there, since it's usually Princeton that poaches faculty at the height of their… » 4/05/11 9:30pm 4/05/11 9:30pm

Do Not Adjust The Orange Balance On Your Monitor: The Faces Of…

On Saturday, Harvard and Princeton faced one another in a one-game playoff for the Ivy League title. The game ended with a splendid buzzer-beater, and now Princeton, a 13 seed, has the honor of losing to Kentucky on Thursday. (Harvard's in the NIT—the Cornell of tournaments. How fun.) » 3/14/11 4:45pm 3/14/11 4:45pm

Here's Video Of The Princeton Men Beating The Harvard Men At The Buzzer

Deadspin's own Dicktern was at Yale today to tweet his observations as Princeton earned the automatic bid with a 63-62 win thanks to Douglas Davis's clutch buzzer-beater. It's official: Vikram wins, and Princeton is smarter than Harvard at basketball. » 3/12/11 6:20pm 3/12/11 6:20pm

On Eve Of Princeton-Harvard Championship, Vikram Spills Tiger Blood

This week we've followed the story of Harvard and Princeton, two storied crew programs, somehow stuck playing a basketball game Saturday for a spot in the NCAA tournament. You've heard from Brad and Vikram, and Jasper and Colin, all smack-talking because Greg Mankiw and Lars Svensson can't do it on their own. » 3/11/11 1:20pm 3/11/11 1:20pm

Harvard-Princeton War Of SAT Words Escalates, Yale Joins The Fray

Big basketball game Saturday afternoon, folks: Harvard (23-5, 12-2 Ivy) and Princeton (24-6, 12-2 Ivy) fighting to the death on Yale's court, a neutral site, for the Ivy League's March Madness bid. Extra high stakes for Harvard, who hasn't appeared in the tourney since 1946, back when RFK was punching the Spee. » 3/10/11 10:30am 3/10/11 10:30am

Harvard And Princeton Will Fight Old-Fashioned Douchebag Standoff In…

Big news for our high net worth contingent: Princeton defeated Penn in the Ivy League's regular-season finale tonight, meaning—you guessed it—the Tigers will battle Tommy Amaker's Harvard squad for the conference's automatic berth in a playoff at Yale on Saturday. » 3/09/11 12:10am 3/09/11 12:10am