Spanish Soccer Official Bails On Meeting To Go To Real Madrid Game

One of the most pressing concerns in Spanish soccer today is how to deal with fan violence. Apparently, a more pressing concern is whether Real Madrid will win the Club World Cup that takes place this week, since the president of Spanish Soccer blew off a meeting addressing the violence to watch Los Blancos. »12/16/14 5:48pm12/16/14 5:48pm


Two Florida Policemen Used Lights, Sirens And May Have Sped To Get Equipment To Five Florida Panthers Call-Ups

Don't think people in Florida are invested in hockey? Well, we have the story about off-duty cops using their on-duty accessories to aid the Florida Panthers for you: On Sunday evening, two Sunrise police officers, one driving a police car and one driving an unmarked police car, flipped on their police lights and… »3/09/13 4:45pm3/09/13 4:45pm

"I Meant To Say 'Allegedly' Speeding, My Bad": A Texas Judge Was Reprimanded For Blabbing About Johnny Manziel's Speeding Ticket On Facebook

The screenshot on the right is from the Facebook account of Ennis, TX judge Lee Johnson, who apparently had a speeding ticket issed to Johnny Manziel come across his desk and apparently couldn't help himself. It's not easy deciding the best part between the solemn, beard-stroking "Gig Em indeed" and the addendum, "I… »1/19/13 7:05pm1/19/13 7:05pm

Florida Senator And Likely Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Spends His Time Reading Websites About Long Snapping, Would Switch Jobs With Jeff Ireland

Marco Rubio, according to an article published yesterday in the New York Times, is a diehard Dolphins fan and a massive football fan in general: His father used to motivate him to keep wearing his leg braces, there to correct a knee problem, by giving him pep talks in the voice of Don Shula ("I always wondered why… »12/22/12 1:35pm12/22/12 1:35pm