The Newest Bengal Just Got Out Of Prison, So That's A Plus

The Bengals added Brandon Joiner to their active roster yesterday, the first day he was eligible. Cincinnati signed the undrafted Arkansas State linebacker last spring, less than a month before he began a prison sentence for aggravated robbery and felony drug charges. He got out early, and instead of a halfway house… »2/05/13 4:50pm2/05/13 4:50pm

Ugueth Urbina Is Out Of Prison, Still Has His Fastball

It's odd that no one's really gotten to the bottom of what happened with decorated reliever Ugueth Urbina in Venezuela in 2005. Just before the season began, his mother was rescued from kidnappers in a commando-style operation, after being held for ransom for five months. Just after the season, in which he pitched for… »12/26/12 11:50am12/26/12 11:50am

Anyone Heard Any Good Jerry Sandusky Prison Rape Jokes?

In the immediate wake of Jerry Sandusky being found guilty on many counts, guaranteeing him many, many years in prison followed by death, there's not a right way to feel. Go with elated, or relieved, or vengeful, or unsatisfied, believe that justice won out or as the mother of one of Sandusky's victims put it Friday… »6/25/12 3:17pm6/25/12 3:17pm