MNF Praises Owner Who Tried To Abandon New Orleans

Monday Night Football spent part of tonight's broadcast practically blowing Saints owner Tom Benson, after it was announced earlier that he had donated $11 million to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ten million dollars will go towards renovating Canton's Fawcett Stadium (including renaming it "Tom Benson Hall of Fame… » 11/24/14 11:18pm 11/24/14 11:18pm

The Hall Of Fame Is Going To Need A Champagne Room

This one's going to be tough for Redskins fans to swallow. Michael Irvin, in his third year of eligibility, is going to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was one of six players selected for Hall induction today, along with Gene Hickerson, Bruce Matthews, Charlie Sanders, Thurman Thomas, and Roger… » 2/03/07 3:44pm 2/03/07 3:44pm