Retiring From NFL To Juggle Grenades Is A Bad Idea, Says Mike Florio

Bright and promising 24-year-old 49ers linebacker Chris Borland announced his retirement yesterday, after just one season in the NFL. He wants to preserve his neurological and cognitive functioning, and figures a decade of smashing his head into things isn't the best way to do it. Seems reasonable! Might I… » 3/17/15 11:57am 3/17/15 11:57am

Mike Florio Calls Out David Letterman For Being A Comedian

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was a guest on The Late Show last night, and the segment was lighthearted and puffy, as are most of the interviews David Letterman conducts on his show. Obviously, Letterman made some jokes about the Ballghazi scandal, because David Letterman is a comedian and that's what… » 2/12/15 1:24pm 2/12/15 1:24pm

Brett Favre Unqualified To Discuss Safety Of Football, Says Sportswriter

Only the parents of boys are welcome in the discussion of whether it's unsafe to let children play football. So says Mike Florio, a collectible commemorative helmet-phone in the employ of NBC Sports, who's mad at Brett Favre for expressing reservations about whether he'd encourage his non-existent son to play the game. » 7/16/14 4:25pm 7/16/14 4:25pm

Mike Florio, partner at the law firm of Schmuck, Hack, and Gasbag LLP, gives the football-media equivalent of the birds-and-the-bees talk to Johnny Manziel: "But if something happens between a sufficiently overage male and an underage girl, the overage male can go to jail even if the underage girl convinced him that… » 7/02/14 1:01pm 7/02/14 1:01pm

Mike Florio To Eagles Receipt Prankster: "Grow Up"

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio—journalist, TV personality, and lawyer at Schmuck, Hack, and Gasbag LLP—has some thoughts on Eagles guard Evan Mathis's receipt gag: » 6/13/14 10:35am 6/13/14 10:35am

What The Fuck Is Mike Florio Talking About?

Florio is on an absolute roll today. After spending the morning carrying the NFL's water up and down the page like a good shill is supposed to, he went and dumped this pile of crap on his website. » 8/23/13 12:45pm 8/23/13 12:45pm

Now Mike Florio Is Getting In Twitter Fights With NFL Mascots

Resident NBC/ProFootballTalk moron and supposed NFL maven Mike Florio took his lifelong itinerary of bad decisions to a new level last night, getting into Twitter beef with Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville. » 6/20/13 8:30am 6/20/13 8:30am

"The Referee Lockout Is Over! Let's Give Roger Goodell A Raise," Says…

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that this happened, but it's maddening, nonetheless. Shortly after the NFL referee lockout came to an end last night, Mike Florio posted this pile of crap on, in which he argues that Roger Goodell actually deserves our praise for how he handled the lockout. Glad… » 9/27/12 10:30am 9/27/12 10:30am

More Misplaced Rhetoric From Pro Football Talk

De Smith says the NFL is the "first league in the history of sports that has ever sued to not play their game," which, like a lot of slogans, isn't entirely accurate (the NFL hasn't sued), even if it accurately conveys the sense that the NFL is taking great pains to get its lockout. Mike Florio has some thoughts about… » 5/18/11 5:55pm 5/18/11 5:55pm

Bin Laden's Death Means Something Or Other For The NFL Lockout,…

Osama Bin Laden is dead, and people are happy, but if we don't have professional football on 9/11, people will be super-sad. This is Mike Florio's argument today. I am not joking, and neither, that I can tell, is Florio. » 5/02/11 2:00pm 5/02/11 2:00pm

Today In Dumb Anti-NFLPA Spin

Florio has a pretty good rundown of the NFL's coming labor apocalypse, but there's one point he makes that I really hope doesn't catch on, even though you can be sure it will. » 1/13/11 3:15pm 1/13/11 3:15pm

Pro Football Doubletalk

We missed the initial to-do over the scene depicted here, wherein Albert Haynesworth mills around enormously in the vicinity of a defensive meeting, but it's since become something of a Rorschach that determines if you're a sensible human being or Mike Florio. » 9/14/10 6:35pm 9/14/10 6:35pm

Mike Florio Makes The Leap From Loathsome Gossip To Mainstream Building…

Yesterday it was announced that feisty little Italian, Mike Florio, and his Pro Football Talk site were partnering with NBC Sports. The timeliness of the move after the Blogs With Balls weekend was telling. » 6/15/09 3:30pm 6/15/09 3:30pm

Ex-Vike Robert Smith Goes To The Blog Mattresses Against Mike Florio…

As blogs become more and more mainstream, comment sections have been invaded by some higher-profile participants. (See: Wilfork, Bianca.) But Ex-Viking Robert Smith has taken his beef with PFT's Mike Florio even further. » 2/12/09 12:00pm 2/12/09 12:00pm