Greg Anthony's Soliciting Charge Will Be Dropped

CBS and Turner NBA analyst Greg Anthony will have the soliciting prostitution charge that was brought against him dropped thanks to a deal with the D.C. Superior Court. » 2/11/15 1:18pm 2/11/15 1:18pm

CBS: Greg Anthony Indefinitely Suspended After Prostitution Arrest

CBS says basketball analyst Greg Anthony is indefinitely suspended and will call no more games this season after his arrest yesterday in a D.C. prostitution sting. The misdemeanor arrest leaves Anthony looking at up to a half-year in jail. » 1/17/15 11:30am 1/17/15 11:30am

Cop Posing As Hooker Tells Browns LB Anal Sex Would Be An Extra $20

Journeyman linebacker Quentin Groves only signed with the Browns—his fourth team in six NFL seasons—last month. Welcome to Cleveland! » 4/24/13 1:12pm 4/24/13 1:12pm

Former World Series Of Poker Champion Busted In Bullshit Male…

Back when the World Series of Poker was a thing, one of the game's biggest stars was Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer. You probably spent at least one lonely night in front of your television, watching Raymer tear his way through the 2004 WSOP main event while wearing his signature holographic sunglasses. Things aren't going… » 3/15/13 1:33pm 3/15/13 1:33pm

Brazilian Prostitutes Learning English For The World Cup

You know what they say: English is the international language of negotiating payment for sexual services provided by a professional. To that end, since World Cup is heading to Brazil in 2014, a prostitute advocacy group in the city of Belo Horizonte is offering free English classes to get the women ready for a… » 1/08/13 5:25pm 1/08/13 5:25pm

Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Has Been Working As A Las Vegas…

Suzy Favor Hamilton was a middle distance runner, competing in three Olympics—most notably, the 1500 meters in Sydney, where she collapsed to the ground coming down the stretch. But she's probably best known for this 2000 Nike ad, in which a sports bra-clad Favor Hamilton outran a masked chainsaw-wielding… » 12/20/12 12:35pm 12/20/12 12:35pm

Lawrence Taylor Twirled His Used Condom Over His Head "Like A Lasso"…

Lawrence Taylor is a registered sex offender after pleading guilty to paying a 16-year-old $300 for sex in a suburban hotel room in 2010. (Both he and the girl say she told him she was 19.) The plea spared him jail time, but now he's facing a civil suit from the girl, who claims he forced himself on her. And this… » 10/26/12 11:20am 10/26/12 11:20am

French Soccer Stars Will Face Charges For Sexing 16-Year-Old Prostitute

Bayern's Franck Ribery and Real Madrid's Karim Benzema got into a spot of trouble in 2010, when a Paris prostitution ring was busted and their names popped up in a little black book. Even worse, it turned out they had paid for sex with then-16-year-old Zahia Dehar, who, in the players' defense, didn't tell them her… » 8/14/12 1:10pm 8/14/12 1:10pm

Lawrence Taylor, On If He Is A Changed Man After Getting Busted With An…

In a meandering and bizarre interview aired Wednesday night on Showtime's Inside The NFL, Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor attempted to respond to questions about his 2010 arrest for soliciting an underage prostitute but mostly left the impression that more trouble's in his future. » 1/26/12 8:45am 1/26/12 8:45am

Ukrainian Women's Rights Activists Protest Legalizing Prostitution By…

Makes sense to everyone, right? The group, Femen ("Femen has established an international reputation for staging semi-naked protests in Ukraine and abroad."), held the naked demonstration outside Kiev's Olympic Stadium. They claim that UEFA is attempting to legalize prostitution during the 2012 European Championship. » 12/03/11 5:00pm 12/03/11 5:00pm

New Zealand's Sex Workers Expect The Rugby World Cup Will Be Quite The…

The Rugby World Cup is set to get underway this week in New Zealand. It's expected to attract some 95,000 visitors to a land where the toilets flush weirdly. (Here's a story about the sporting aspect of the event.) » 9/07/11 11:30pm 9/07/11 11:30pm

This Tip About Scantily Clad German Soccer Ladies Totally Buried The…

Anybody with a set of eyes would surely agree that that picture of "Mona of BV Sturm Wissel" is a compelling image. In and of itself, it justifies tipster Tomuban's signal to check out a "Women footballers heat up the pitch for [sexy 2012 pin-up] calendar" link. » 9/01/11 9:45pm 9/01/11 9:45pm

Hookers: A Deadspin Econometric Investigation

Reader "Steve Dildo" has alerted us to the client list of the "Desert Divas," an Arizona prostitution ring that was busted three years back. Mr. Dildo was most interested in the presence of a "Kevin Pitsoogle" on the list, but we've determined that this name is fake, unconnected to the similarly named former West… » 8/26/11 12:13pm 8/26/11 12:13pm

Lawrence Taylor On His Prostitutes: "I Don't Card Them"

Today, Lawrence Taylor went on Studio B with Shepard Smith and rambled nonsensically and sometimes offensively about having sex with a 16-year-old prostitute in upstate New York a year ago. He said awful things ("It's the world of prostitution. You never know what you're gonna get, if it's gonna be a pretty girl or… » 3/22/11 8:15pm 3/22/11 8:15pm

David Beckham Probably Didn't Sleep With That Prostitute

That lady at the store, maybe. That secretary, probably. But Becks says a US tabloid rag is totally off the mark when it comes to this $10,000-a-night call girl. Because, c'mon, 10 grand for her? » 9/23/10 1:55pm 9/23/10 1:55pm

Coach Shows Childlike Enthusiasm When Hiring A Hooker

A Florida high school football coach was nabbed in a prostitution sting over the weekend, and the police report makes him sound like a kid on Christmas morning. » 9/07/10 2:00pm 9/07/10 2:00pm

Sex Slavery, The Internet, And The Wisdom Of Crowds

At 3:09 p.m. Wednesday, a user named "fake" posted a thread titled "Help me help my friend in DC" to the seemingly staid "travel & transportation" section of Ask MetaFilter. What's happened since then is your feel-good-while-feeling-bad story of the day. » 5/21/10 5:00pm 5/21/10 5:00pm

Just In Time For The World Cup, French Star Visits An Underage…

In libertine France, it takes a lot to spark a sex scandal. Think an underage call girl will turn do the trick? Franck Ribery could face charges after seeing the girl, though he says he didn't know her age. [AFP] » 4/20/10 2:30am 4/20/10 2:30am

First Spoils Of Terry Court Victory: Premier League Manager's…

Remember how an English court said the tabloids weren't barred from reporting on John Terry's private life? That's what we call a precedent. » 2/05/10 3:15am 2/05/10 3:15am

Patriot Mascot Nabbed In Prostitution Sting

In what can only be described as a shocking lack of Common Sense, Pat Patriot was among 14 people arrested in Providence, RI for "prostitution related crimes." » 12/12/09 10:41am 12/12/09 10:41am