Liverpool Fans Leave Anfield In Protest, Liverpool Joins Them By Immediately Giving Up A Pair Of Goals

Liverpool fans planned and executed a 77th minute walkout from today’s game against Sunderland to protest ticket prices getting increases up to £77, and apparently, their team decided to join them in protest, so they laid down and let Sunderland of all teams roar back and tie them 2-2.

Greek Teams Protest EU's Response To Migrant Crisis By Staging On-Pitch Sit-In

A match today in Greece’s second division between AEL Larissa and Acharnaikos began with all players, coaches, and referees sitting down on the pitch for two minutes in protest of European governments’ handling of the migrant crisis. Here is AEL’s prepared statement explaining the gesture, from Reuters:


Police Chief's Perfect Response: Respect Protestors, Keep an Open Mind

When a pro-cop citizen wrote the Nashville Police to express his "frustration and outrage" at the city's peaceful handling of recent Ferguson protests, Chief Steve Anderson reminded the letter-writer of a simple fact: "The police are merely a representative of a government formed by the people for the people—for…