Baltimore Orioles Exec Offers Eloquent Defense Of Freddie Gray Protests

Over the weekend, Baltimore citizens gathered to protest the death of Freddie Gray, who was arrested by Baltimore police weeks ago and mysteriously died of a broken neck while in custody. On Sunday, the peaceful protest turned and chaotic, and there were instances of vandalism in the area surrounding Camden Yards, … »4/27/15 1:35pm4/27/15 1:35pm

Orioles Fans Stuck In Stadium After Mayor & Cops Ask Them Not To Leave

Fans at tonight’s extra-inning thriller between the Red Sox and Orioles may end up staying at the ballpark even longer than ten (probably) innings of gameplay. That’s because Baltimore’s mayor and the city police department have asked fans to remain inside the ballpark indefinitely as they deal with thousands of… »4/25/15 9:59pm4/25/15 9:59pm

Police Chief's Perfect Response: Respect Protestors, Keep an Open Mind

When a pro-cop citizen wrote the Nashville Police to express his "frustration and outrage" at the city's peaceful handling of recent Ferguson protests, Chief Steve Anderson reminded the letter-writer of a simple fact: "The police are merely a representative of a government formed by the people for the people—for… »12/28/14 4:00pm12/28/14 4:00pm

Cleveland Cops Demand Apology, Call Activist Browns Players "Pathetic"

Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins wore a shirt demanding justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford before today's game against the Bengals, and the act so infuriated Cleveland cops that the city's police union president is now demanding the team apologize—calling Hawkins's statement (and one previously by Johnson Bademosi »12/14/14 7:54pm12/14/14 7:54pm

Police Lock Down Moda Center As Hundreds Of Protesters Gather Outside

Police aren't letting anybody enter or leave the Moda Center—better known as the Rose Garden, and the site of a Trail Blazers-Pacers game that is currently in the fourth quarter—according to KOIN News. Hundreds of demonstrators have amassed outside, arriving after marching through downtown Portland to protest the… »12/04/14 11:52pm12/04/14 11:52pm

UVA-Maryland Basketball Game Site Of Protest And "No Means No" Chants

A lot was going in College Park, Maryland, tonight, where the Maryland men's basketball team lost 76-65 to former-ACC rival University of Virginia in the ACC/Big 10 Challenge. A group of students held a die-in outside of the XFINITY Center to protest the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and both grand juries… »12/04/14 12:58am12/04/14 12:58am

The View From Inside A São Paulo World Cup Protest

SÃO PAULO—During the lead-in to the World Cup, thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to protest a range of social ills highlighted—and exacerbated—by the arrival of Swiss distressed debt shop FIFA. Protesters wanted better health care and education, higher wages, lower transit costs. They wanted the rich and… »6/16/14 11:54am6/16/14 11:54am

Expect More Protests And Strikes In Brazil As World Cup Approaches

Last Thursday, protestors walked through a business district in São Paulo to oppose construction for the World Cup which has reportedly left at least 4,000 Brazilian families without homes. The march clogged up traffic and shut down shops. There will be more demonstrations—along with public employees striking—as the… »5/24/14 11:06am5/24/14 11:06am

Flames and Chaos Erupt in Kiev as 21 Die in Police Raid on Protest

The months-long standoff between Ukraine's strongarm pro-Russian president and opposition protesters in the streets of Kiev, the capital, has turned grisly in recent hours, with 18 deaths reported in clashes between police and the demonstrators. This gripping livestream is being broadcast from Kiev's main square: »2/18/14 4:29pm2/18/14 4:29pm

Fans Protest At Marlins' Home Opener, Get Ejected For No Good Reason

When a franchise is as committed to shitting on its fan base as the Miami Marlins are, receiving a little animosity from those fans is to be expected. So it's not surprising that a group of Marlins fans staged a small protest at yesterday's home opener, nor is it surprising that the Marlins organization handled the… »4/09/13 1:01pm4/09/13 1:01pm

Vladimir Putin Was Confronted By A Topless Protestor, And He Really, Really Liked It

Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Germany this morning when he found himself in the crosshairs. Ukrainian protest group Femen, known for their topless protests against the church, the sex trade, and "dictators" like Putin, crashed his appearance at a Hanover trade fare wearing slogans, and little else. »4/08/13 12:19pm4/08/13 12:19pm

Two Members Of An Extremist Right-Wing English Group Occupied The Roof Of FIFA Headquarters Today

Security must not be very tight at FIFA headquarters in Zurich because two members of the notorious right-wing English Defence League took to the roof of Sepp Blatter's palace to protest FIFA's recent and—it must be acknowledged—very stupid decision to prevent English players from wearing embroidered poppies on their… »11/09/11 12:25pm11/09/11 12:25pm