For Some Reason, You Can Fly From New York To Newark For Saturday's Devils-Rangers Game

Actually, that "some reason" is pretty obvious: free publicity for Delta, which is offering Rangers fans a free flight Saturday morning from LaGuardia to Newark Liberty International. Here's hoping no one takes them up on their stupid offer, because really, who cares about free when you have to deal with the hassle of… »5/17/12 1:40pm5/17/12 1:40pm


Devils Launch "Don't Sell Tickets To Rangers Fans" Campaign

Compared to the old place at the Meadowlands, the Prudential Center is clean and modern...and really, really easy to get to from New York City. This tends to lead to the Rock being lousy with Rangers fans, something that could get a little embarrassing come playoff time. So the Devils aren't going to stand for it.… »5/15/12 1:15pm5/15/12 1:15pm

Mayor Cory Booker And The New Jersey Devils Are Having The Most New Jersey Feud Ever

Chances are you have not been following the feud between the New Jersey Devils and Newark mayor Cory Booker, unless you are a Devils fan and a New Jersey political junkie, which is to say, unless you are Joe Piscopo. That's a shame. It's one of the more publicly bitter city vs. owner feuds we've seen. »4/10/12 6:51pm4/10/12 6:51pm