Somehow, Nobody Scored On This Wild Goal-Front Scramble

Dutch Eredivisie side De Graafschap did not score here on this wild scramble in front of the PSV goal, despite seven shots on frame. There is so much that happens here, so quickly, including a great rise-and-fall soundtrack of cheering from the crowd. PSV held on and won this nine-goal thriller 6-3. »11/01/15 2:46pm11/01/15 2:46pm


God Smites The Manchesters Because England Sucks

England, man. Their clubs spend all that money on some of the best players in the world, get all that media hype about being the best league in the world, and right as you start to buy into it all they meet a couple underdogs from Europe and prove yet again that England isn’t as good as it’s made out to be.
»9/16/15 10:32am9/16/15 10:32am

Man Utd's Luke Shaw Suffers Gruesome, Leg-Breaking Tackle [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

Manchester United full back Luke Shaw had to be carted off the pitch in the first half of their Champions League match against PSV, on a count of a busted leg thanks to the tackle you can see below. Here’s a GIF of Shaw’s flopping leg, which, you’ve been warned, is pretty gnarly:
»9/15/15 3:30pm9/15/15 3:30pm