The Steelers Are Suing To Avoid Paying For More Seats At Heinz Field

Heinz Field is 12 years old. It's still in great shape, even if its playing surface never was. The Steelers have a waiting list for season tickets that stretches as far as the eye can see. But the stadium's capacity is just 65,500, one of the smallest in the NFL. So the Steelers would like to add another 3,000 seats.… »6/13/13 5:51pm6/13/13 5:51pm


There's A $700 Million Plan On The Table To Turn The Rams Home-Field Into A "First-Tier Stadium." How About It, St. Louis?

The Rams, who are 22-73-1 in their last six seasons, won a battle against the city of St. Louis yesterday over the Edward Jones Dome, their home since 1995. Arbitrators ruled in favor of the Rams' plan, which would require a $700 million renovation to the current stadium. The "renovation" is widely understood to mean… »2/02/13 3:45pm2/02/13 3:45pm