How Women Throw Themselves At Pro Athletes (And Vice Versa): A…

I'm a publicist, and I've worked with high-profile athletes for nearly 15 years. Olympic gold medalists, NFL All-Pros and Super Bowl champions, MLB All-Stars and World Series champions, even an NBA player on a championship team once. I'm not really a nightlife guy, but there are times when I need to accompany clients… » 6/08/12 2:59pm 6/08/12 2:59pm

The Strange Comedy Of A PR Person Pitching You Your Own Story

A few months ago, I wrote a story about Georges St. Pierre for Men's Health magazine. It just came out. The magazine sent me to Montreal to watch St. Pierre fight Josh Koscheck. A month after that, I met St. Pierre again at a photo shoot, where I was reminded that being a writer on pieces like these is a little like… » 3/17/11 6:20pm 3/17/11 6:20pm

Deadspin Presents An Interpretive Rendering Of Cal Ripken Jr.'s Young…

We received an email from Cal Ripken Jr.'s publicity team at Random House, which will release his three-CD audiobook, HOTHEAD, next Tuesday. HOTHEAD (the caps are apparently intentional) is about a Babe Ruth League shortstop named Connor Sullivan and is "loosely based on challenges Ripken himself faced as a young… » 3/02/11 4:20pm 3/02/11 4:20pm