Puerto Rican League Game Delayed When Players' Families Start Fighting

We are actually big fans of Baloncesto Superior Nacional, the Puerto Rican professional basketball league that's become somewhat of a summer league stop-over for sub-NBA pro ballers. (Games are aired live on local TV here in St. Petersburg.) Last night's Humacao-Carolina vs. Ponce game, though, got ugly—and the… »6/12/13 2:05pm6/12/13 2:05pm

Watch Puerto Rican TV's Awesome Reaction To New 3-Point Champion

Ray Allen rightfully made headlines two years ago when he passed Reggie Miller to become the NBA's all-time leader in career 3-pointers. The NBA isn't the only pro basketball league in the U.S., though, and when former USC player Larry Ayuso set the Baloncesto Superior Nacional career record last night in San Juan it… »4/30/13 12:00pm4/30/13 12:00pm

We Now Have A Gay Athlete Who Can Beat The Hell Out Anyone Who Has A Problem With It

Well, Megan Rapinoe could probably beat up your average bigot, but the roster of gay men in sports had been lacking anyone actively participating in a sport and, therefore, anyone who might put the lie to the homophobe's treasured notion that gay people are unathletic or unfit for competition. Kevin McClatchey, Rick… »10/06/12 11:15am10/06/12 11:15am

Former First Round Pick Now Growing Marijuana, Hoarding Assault Rifle Ammo

We can not, repeat NOT blame the lockout for this one. Jose Ortiz, known as Piculín and revered as a hero in Puerto Rico, was busted this week at his home. Inside ICE agents found "approximately 218 marijuana plants" and 40 rounds of AR-15 ammunition. The criminal complaint, with photos, can be found here. »7/01/11 1:00pm7/01/11 1:00pm

Livan Hernandez Is Wrapped Up In Puerto Rican Drug Dealer's Octopus Tentacles, Claims Awesome Graphic

Nationals pitcher and '97 World Series MVP Livan Hernandez is implicated in a case involving Puerto Rican drug kingpin Angel Ayala Vázquez (alternate titles: "Angelo Millones," "El Buster"). But he's not alone: El Vocero handily details all nine men compromised by the lawsuit and entangled in "los tentáculos de El… »4/27/11 6:00pm4/27/11 6:00pm

As With Many Things, Rick Pitino Pulls Out Of Puerto Rican Coaching Job After Brief Flirtation

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino announced today that he will not coach the Puerto Rican national basketball team, citing conflicts with his duties at the University of Louisville. The job would have taken him away from the Louisville campus during the fall for a tournament in Brazil, and the NCAA would not allow… »4/27/11 12:45pm4/27/11 12:45pm