Bad Soccer Man Smashes Opponent In Face, Then Tries To Act All Innocent

In a weird way, you have to admire the shamelessness of soccer players. This guy so obviously slams the base of his palm into the other guy’s face, then immediately stands up and wags his finger, like “Noooo way, ref. Noooooo way did I just do anything.” The audacity is awe-inspiring. »4/23/15 11:39am4/23/15 11:39am

Lacrosse Player Throws Sucker Punch After Being Ejected For Throwing Other Punch

Jake Champion. Is there a better lacrosse name than Jake Champion, defenseman for Florida's St. Thomas Aquinas? When Jake Champion punches you, you stay punched. An unaware opponent found that out last night. As Jake Champion was being escorted off the field for throwing a punch during the game, Jake Champion… »5/02/12 11:15am5/02/12 11:15am