How Have NBA Pundits Fared In The First Round Of The Playoffs?

Most of the NBA's first-round playoff series are shaping up to be hotly contested matchups, so let's check in to see if the "experts" had them pegged right. » 4/28/14 11:42am 4/28/14 11:42am

The MLB Pundits Are Back. Will They Be Less Of A Disaster In 2014?

In what is becoming an annual tradition, we ask the question: Will this year finally be the one where the baseball pundits turn it around? After a string of terrible prediction seasons from 2009-2012 (see details), the "experts" followed it up with a truly pitiful 2013, in which no one picked either the Red Sox or the… » 4/10/14 9:50am 4/10/14 9:50am

Tim Tebow Predicted Florida State To Win 35-31

Just before kickoff, when tasked by Rece Davis to predict a final score in tonight's BCS Championship game, ESPN's Tim Tebow predicted the Seminoles would win 35-31. He was only off by one point. » 1/07/14 12:45am 1/07/14 12:45am

The Bridges Of Olbermann County

Keith Olbermann's new late-night talk show will premier on ESPN2 tonight. This is good news for a network that could use some right now, but if history is any guide, we know where this is heading: » 8/26/13 3:59pm 8/26/13 3:59pm

Infographic: You're Better Off Guessing Than Listening To Mel Kiper

For most football fans, the NFL draft is associated with one name: Mel Kiper Jr. The ESPN analyst has been lauded as America's most famous draft expert for decades. We wondered how well his highly-publicized pre-draft rankings would hold up, though. Are the players Kiper claims will be NFL stars actually destined for… » 4/26/13 4:59pm 4/26/13 4:59pm

ESPN And Sports Illustrated Pundits Went 0-For-58 On Tigers-Giants…

Republished with permission from » 10/24/12 5:20pm 10/24/12 5:20pm

At the start of the year, Vegas handicapped the Tigers at 3-to-1 odds and the Giants at 7-to-1 odds to make it to the World Series, placing both teams within the crop of favorites. And yet, not one pundit from ESPN or Sports Illustrated picked them to face each… » 10/24/12 5:20pm 10/24/12 5:20pm