Facekicked Punter Was Taking So Much Crap, He Deleted His Twitter App

On Sunday, Browns punter Spencer Lanning went low, and Steelers return man Antonio Brown went high, and Lanning was kicked in the face. He was fine, so it's OK to smile, but I think Lanning wishes people would stop talking about it. » 9/11/14 9:13am 9/11/14 9:13am

Antonio Brown Kicks A Punter In The Face, In Extreme Slow Motion

We already brought you some video and a GIF of this, but the sheer beauty of the moment really demanded we bring our special approach to sports highlights. So here's the Steelers' Antonio Brown kicking Browns punter Spencer Lanning in the face—in extreme slow motion. » 9/07/14 3:13pm 9/07/14 3:13pm

Antonio Brown Introduces The Front Heel Kick To The NFL

Want to make everyone in a sports bar happy? Kick a punter in the face. I've never experienced such collective joy and wonder. » 9/07/14 2:06pm 9/07/14 2:06pm

Steve Weatherford Was Drug Tested One Day After A Career Game

Yesterday, Giants punter Steve Weatherford had a banner day. He led the NFL in net average, had two punts over 65 yards, and placed two inside the 20-yard-line. Today, he had to pee in a cup. » 11/25/13 4:20pm 11/25/13 4:20pm

Beware The Knuckle Punt

You can have your college football opening night. Me, I'll be staying up for a West Coast preseason NFL game, counting off the 49er downs until it's time to punt. That's when Andy Lee will blow minds, break hearts, and fracture phalanges. » 8/29/13 4:35pm 8/29/13 4:35pm

Former Texans Punter Suing Reliant Stadium Owners For Being Injured By…

This week, the Texans brought in a handful of veteran kickers for tryouts. They're reportedly happy with Shayne Graham's field goals, but wish he could get a little more distance on kickoffs. They had a decent candidate last year, an undrafted rookie K/P out of Central Michigan named Brett Hartmann, who managed to set… » 11/15/12 1:25pm 11/15/12 1:25pm

Chris Kluwe Received A Hate Cartoon For His Gay Marriage Stance

Chris Kluwe has been pretty busy these last few weeks. Not punting—the Vikings look pretty good!—but dealing with the fallout from his op-ed supporting gay marriage. Turns out there are lots of people who don't support gay marriage! Who knew? » 9/26/12 5:50pm 9/26/12 5:50pm

We're Still Recovering From The Raiders' Kicking Orgy

Do you like kicking? Do you really, really, really like kicking? Then hot damn, was yesterday's shitty Raiders game the game for you! » 11/28/11 1:45pm 11/28/11 1:45pm

The Spinning Magic Of Left-Footed Punters

Why did the Saints, Chargers, and Ravens—three teams with above-average punters—all work out free agent punters last week? No, it's not because any of those teams is scapegoating their punter for the whole team's jaw-dropping inconsistency. Rather, they wanted to practice against left-footed punters before facing real… » 11/04/11 10:45am 11/04/11 10:45am

Did Pat McAfee Kick A 75-Yard Field Goal? (Spoiler Alert: No)

The latest "athlete does something impossible" viral video to make the rounds is Colts punter Pat McAfee nailing consecutive field goals from 65, 70 and 75 yards out. And despite that whole "impossible" thing, there are those who want to believe it's real, citing evidence like "McAfee said it's real" and "there's no… » 7/29/11 10:40am 7/29/11 10:40am

Cowboys' Massive New Stadium Not Big Enough To Play Football In

Jerry Jones (and Texas taxpayers) spent $1.2 billion constructing an opulent state-of-the-art multi-use arena that's perfect for concerts, soccer matches, trade shows, Promise Keepers rallies, and even football games—provided that you don't allow either team to punt. » 8/22/09 10:30am 8/22/09 10:30am

Bill Belichick Ruins Yet Another Family

Danny Baugher dreamed of being a punter. He went to the University of Arizona, and signed late last year to the Patriots' practice squad. Big hopes, big dreams, this kid. Booming leg. Ten cent head. But just a strugglin' kid, hoping to catch a break. And then Bill Belichick sent him down the spiral of despair.… » 9/05/07 2:20pm 9/05/07 2:20pm