Bill Murray Is Wearing A Ghillie Suit And Punting Footballs At The…

I'd urge anyone watching this to try not to make sense of it. Bill Murray (paired with D.A. Points) is competing today at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in a ghillie suit, what appear to be gardening gloves, and at one point he punted a football into the crowd. It's all so ludicrously surreal you may wish to tune in the… » 2/11/12 1:34pm 2/11/12 1:34pm

We're Still Recovering From The Raiders' Kicking Orgy

Do you like kicking? Do you really, really, really like kicking? Then hot damn, was yesterday's shitty Raiders game the game for you! » 11/28/11 1:45pm 11/28/11 1:45pm

The Cowboys Scoreboard Punter Drinking Game

You don't need a reason to drink this weekend, but you may need a reason to watch a 49ers-Cowboys preseason game that doesn't include "it was the only thing the sheriff would let me watch from the holding cell." » 8/28/09 3:30pm 8/28/09 3:30pm