Budweiser's Puppy-Filled Super Bowl Ad Will Melt Your Heart

Here is an emotionally manipulative Super Bowl ad featuring a puppy kissing a horse, which Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate Anheuser-Busch InBev has released in the hopes that sites like this one will cynically link to it, thus associating their Budweiser brand not only with cute puppies, but with a certain edgy, in your … » 1/29/14 12:03pm 1/29/14 12:03pm

If You Missed The Puppy Bowl (Or Want To Relive It) Here's Your…

Here's Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (which mostly sucked this year, thanks to a Disney tie-in and no beagles) compressed to about a minute. No, there aren't any halftime show highlights featuring kittens. The real Super Bowl halftime will feature plenty of that. [Video from Animal Planet. Music is this.] » 2/05/12 5:59pm 2/05/12 5:59pm

David Backes, Blues Captain, Flew His Plane 700 Miles To Rescue Three…

Via Fox 2 St. Louis, we now have the most endearing story of 2012. David Backes is a good hockey player. They don't have to do good work to stand out. But Backes is the captain of the St. Louis Blues—they're good too, mind you, with the second-highest point total in the Western Conference—and he has 16 goals and 21… » 2/01/12 8:30am 2/01/12 8:30am

This Poor Dog Is Forced To Sit Outside Mets Games With A Pipe In Its…

As if you weren't already paying too much to see Justin Turner mash on Dillon Gee's behalf, a recent internet groundswell sheds light on another gross perversion inherent in the Citi Field experience. A dog, Coffee, sits outside the stadium, ostensibly for your amusement, in sunglasses or a Groucho Marx disguise, with… » 5/20/11 3:10pm 5/20/11 3:10pm

Somebody Poisoned The Family Of NC State's Adorable Wolfpack Mascot

Today in animal cruelty and terrible affronts to school pride: someone allegedly poisoned four Tamaskan dogs with familial ties to the N.C. State mascot, Tuffy, in Elizabeth City, N.C. From the News & Observer: » 4/26/11 12:30pm 4/26/11 12:30pm