If You Missed The Puppy Bowl (Or Want To Relive It) Here's Your…

Here's Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (which mostly sucked this year, thanks to a Disney tie-in and no beagles) compressed to about a minute. No, there aren't any halftime show highlights featuring kittens. The real Super Bowl halftime will feature plenty of that. [Video from Animal Planet. Music is this.] » 2/05/12 5:59pm 2/05/12 5:59pm

Refreshingly Free Of Jim Nantz, It's Puppy Bowl III

Puppy Bowl III has been going strong for over an hour now... these little guys just don't get tired. Well, one of them did... he decided to just lay down at the 50-yard-line for a while. One of the bigger, meaner dogs with lower self-esteem called an immediate press conference and accused the other dog of getting tired … » 2/04/07 4:45pm 2/04/07 4:45pm