The Citi Field Amway Store Has A Juice Bar That Doesn't Sell Juice

Lost in all of the hullabaloo about the New York Mets' tone deaf decision to lease a Citi Field storefront to Amway was any kind of explanation regarding what exactly is inside of an Amway store. What use does a company that makes its profits via the Sisyphean efforts of Independent Business Owners have for a retail… » 3/08/13 11:55am 3/08/13 11:55am

The New York Mets' Latest Partnership Is With A Company That…

The Mets continue to be the deadbeat, alcoholic uncle of the MLB family. The organization's latest source of embarrassment comes as the result of an under-the-radar decision to lease out a Citi Field storefront to Amway, the notoriously shady "multilevel marketing" company that makes its money by ensnaring people in… » 2/25/13 6:15pm 2/25/13 6:15pm