Here’s Jon Gruden Saying Weird Shit To Terrelle Pryor

If you missed the supplemental Gruden Camp episode for supplemental draft candidate Terrelle Pryor on ESPN last night, then what you essentially missed was public harassment on a national broadcast. In a nice way! » 7/01/11 5:30pm 7/01/11 5:30pm

Here's Jon Gruden Saying Weird Shit To Future NFL QBs

One reason to bother watching SportsCenter the past few weeks — aside from watching legal baseball highlights, I guess — is the totally bizarre, always somehow informative "QB Camp" series the network has Jon Gruden hosting for a second year. While, like Gruden, we "don't believe half the [expletive] people on the… » 4/21/11 6:35pm 4/21/11 6:35pm