The Chargers Want $700 Million In Public Money For A New Stadium

How to convince a city to buy you a brand new stadium in five easy steps, starring Chargers Chief Marketing Officer Ken Derrett: » 7/12/13 11:05am 7/12/13 11:05am

Security Kicked Out An Entire Section Of Raiders And Chargers Fans

These seats are the absolute cheapest at Qualcomm Stadium: upper deck, behind an end zone, near the scoreboard. They're empty in this video, but not for a lack of tickets sold. This is the aftermath of a section-wide fight that went down in the fourth quarter of Sunday's absolutely meaningless Raiders-Chargers game.… » 1/03/13 3:30pm 1/03/13 3:30pm

Chargers Games May Have Been Staffed With Illegal Child Labor

The Department of Labor is investigating whether the staffing company contracted to work Chargers games has been using unpaid high schoolers as security, ticket takers, and head coach. » 12/07/12 10:40am 12/07/12 10:40am