Rafael Da Silva Put Manchester United Up A Goal With A Screamer From 25 Yards Out

Manchester United is having a strong season, and sits atop the Premier League standings as of today, but the team can't fall asleep against "basement boys"—sounds kinky—Queens Park Rangers, the team they're playing as I write. Man U is currently up 1-nil [UPDATE: 2-0! Ryan Giggs, just as we posted] against 2-11-13… »2/23/13 11:40am2/23/13 11:40am

The Same Firm That Designed The Nets' Rusty Spaceship In Brooklyn Will Make A Soccer Stadium In Queens

The old maxim says that you can't determine the quality and endurance of a sports arena until Jay-Z has played at least six of eight consecutive concerts there. With that requirement satisfied and the Barclays Arena yet to crumble into a pile of orange-brown dust, MLS felt comfortable asking Barclays Center-designers… »10/05/12 10:24am10/05/12 10:24am

How New York's New MLS Stadium Heralds The Return Of The Cosmos

Top-level soccer hasn't been played within New York's city limits since 1976, when the Cosmos packed up for Giants Stadium and took the country's brief love affair with domestic pro soccer with them. The drought might be close to over, as MLS and local politicians seem intent on returning a team to New York, with a… »8/14/12 10:40am8/14/12 10:40am