How Many "Subway Series" Have There Been In NCAA History?

Tomorrow, Yale takes on Quinnipiac for the NCAA men's hockey championship. Plenty has been written about the cultural differences between these two programs—for an overview of the rise and fall of Greater New Haven hockey culture, you can read Jack Dickey's excellent piece; for a good look at what Yale's like, you can… » 4/12/13 6:45pm 4/12/13 6:45pm

Judge: No, You Can't Replace Volleyball With Cheerleaders

A federal judge has decreed that Quinnipiac can't just ax its women's volleyball team to trim the budget — especially when, you know, it wouldn't actually save money if the team is replaced by a new varsity cheerleading squad. Something about Title IX. Proceed with your day. [News-Times] » 5/23/09 1:00pm 5/23/09 1:00pm