Quiz: Which Member Of Migos Are You? 

You'd be hard pressed to find a rap group buzzing louder than Migos, the Atlanta trio that quickly rose to prominence in 2013 when Drake remixed their infectious mixtape cut "Versace" and transformed them from underground sensations into web icons. They've since ascended to greatness within Atlanta's bustling… » 1/15/15 2:38pm 1/15/15 2:38pm

I Took TED's Stupid Grit Quiz!

If you're a sports fan like I am, you know that championships aren't won with talent or sound strategy or even proper personnel evaluation. They are won with HUSTLE and HEART and ECKSTEINIAN fortitude that cannot be measured, because measuring things is for nerds and pussies. » 5/07/14 3:05pm 5/07/14 3:05pm

A Great QB List That Excludes Tom Brady AND Spergon Wynn

If you can name 43 out of 56 first round NFL Draft quarterbacks, you win the prize of being smarter than me. Hint: two of them are named Manning. They're brothers! [Sporcle] » 4/25/09 3:40pm 4/25/09 3:40pm